Travel Gay Canada is Canada’s national LGBT tourism industry association. Its goal is to provide LGBT travelers with products and services that meet their needs and expectations, and to better inform them of the unique and vast travel opportunities and experiences available within Canada.

The objectives of Travel Gay Canada are:

  • To promote Canada as a four season LGBT travel destination
  • To promote Canada as a safe, open and liberal destination
  • To promote Canada’s LGBT product on behalf of all businesses and associations
  • To promote the diversity of tourism experiences available within Canada
  • To expand nationally the range of tourism products and activities available to the LGBT travel market by creating linkages between the various sectors of the tourism industry to facilitate the development of an of inventory of saleable tourism products
  • To add legitimacy to the value of the LGBT travel market to Canada
  • To perform an advocacy role on issues related to LGBT tourism
  • To develop a clearer understanding of the LGBT travel market through market analysis and needs assessment
  • To assist in sustaining LGBT culture within Canada
  • To share resources, skills, and knowledge within the network of stakeholders in order to minimize duplication and maximize efforts