Business Partners

Travel Gay Canada, is Canada's only LGBT Tourism Organization

Membership Marketing Opportunities

Members have the opportunity to post exclusive offers to both consumers and other members.  This can be done by logging into your membership account and providing the details of the offer.  As a member, you also get the opportunity to list your LGBT specific packages on the “Packages and Specials” section of the website.  This includes a description of the package, a link to the package on your own site, and logo.  The validity period and price must be included.  Cost: FREE NOTE: You are responsible for supplying your information to TGC staff.  The package offer is subject to space and approval by TGC staff.

Banner Ads on Travel Gay Canada 

Banner ads are available on the Travel Gay Canada website (  Your banner ad will encourage the consumer to click through directly to your site and discover more about your product/service.  Banner opportunities are for either six (6) months or for one (1) year.  Sizes available include: leaderboard (728x90), square (300x250), skyscraper (160x600)

Cost:  Please contact us

Leaderboard Banner: $800 per six months, $1,500 per year NOTE: You are responsible for supplying your own creative.

Social Media Marketing Program 

Our latest offering, integrating the power of online marketing (editorial content) and social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more), will assist you in getting your message out to the LGBT traveller.  TGC will work with you to ensure your message is distributed broadly online, through both the Travel Gay Canada website, as well as other LGBT websites utilizing the same advanced social media content distribution our website uses today (including,, and more).  We will also broadcast your message both on our Travel Gay Canada social media platforms, as well as other LGBT travel groups found on Facebook and LinkedIn.  Key word consideration is always used when posting, as this social media campaign is also broadcast on Twitter and integrated in both and’s search results, as part of their stronger consideration at this time of “social media trends.”