Back 10 Cellars

Back 10 Cellars

It all began in 1999, we were working at River Café in Calgary Alberta. One wintery afternoon we had a wine tasting with a small vineyard owner as part of our ongoing wine education. He spoke of his passion for wine, how he had attained a small parcel of land and started his little winery.  We were immediately smitten.


Back-Ten-Cellars-Baby-Grapes-On-The-Vine-Travel-Gay-Canada-2016 Back-Ten-Cellars-Cab-Franc-Vine-Post-11-Travel-Gay-Canada-2016

What would it take to own our own vineyard? Or was it even a possibility? After all, we weren’t rich (far from it), and we were only in our late twenties.

Back-Ten-Cellars-Five-Dollars-Tasting-Flight-Travel-Gay-Canada-2016  Back-Ten-Cellars-Five-Dollars-Wine-Tasting-Flight-Travel-Gay-Canada-2016

It was on a trip to Niagara (where Christina grew up), that we found a ten-acre property in between Vineland and Beamsville.  It wasn’t pretty.  A diamond in the rough is an understatement but we could afford it and the house sat on a derelict 10-acre farm.

Back-Ten-Cellars-Label-The-Big-Leap-Travel-Gay-Canada-2016 Back-Ten-Cellars-Cheers-Purple-Nail-Polish-Travel-Gay-Canada-2016 Back-Ten-Cellars-Wine-Labels-Travel-Gay-Canada-2016


It’s been a wonderful and worthwhile 10-year journey.  Drink this wine with passionate people. There is hard work, laughter, tears and dedication in every glass.

Come Visit our Chic Tasting Bungalow for some flight tasting. 

Cheers to doing what you love!  And being with the one you love the most!




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Back 10 Cellars

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