Rockway Vineyards

Three Unforgettable Experiences. One Unique Destination.

Rockway has been proud supporters of an inclusion environment and to welcoming the LGBT community to our facility.  "Combining the best of Golf, Wine and Culinary in the Niagara Peninsular" - Colin Sines, President, Executive Director - Travel Gay Canada.


Rockway Vineyards is neatly nestled on The Twenty-Mile Bench of the Niagara Escarpment, one of the great premium grape growing regions of the world.


This appellation elicits comparisons to the wine regions of Burgundy and New Zealand for both beauty and wine quality. Limestone-rich soils and ideal growing conditions have helped us produce world class wines.

Rockway-Vineyards-Winery-Red-Grapes-on-Vine-Travel-Gay-Canada-Heart-of-Wine-Country-2016 Rockway-Vineyards-Winery-White-Grapes-on-Vine-Travel-Gay-Canada-Heart-of-Wine-Country-2016

Vineyards surround the 18 hole golf course, recently voted "Best Places to Play" by Golf Digest. Golfers are offered an opportunity to challenge their skills amongst our manicured fairways and fast greens amongst the vistas of the Escarpment.

Rockway-Vineyards-Winery-Golf-Greens-SandTrap-In-the-rough-Travel-Gay-Canada-Heart-of-Wine-Country-2016-2017 Rockway-Vineyards-Winery-Golf-Water-Hazard-Club-House-Travel-Gay-Canada-Heart-of-Wine-Country-2016-2017 Rockway-Vineyards-Winery-Golf-Greens- Club-House-Travel-Gay-Canada-Heart-of-Wine-Country-2016-2017 Rockway-Vineyards-Winery-Golf-18th-Hole-Water-Hazard-In-the-Rough-Club-House-Travel-Gay-Canada-Heart-of-Wine-Country-2016-2017

Rockway Vineyards offers excellent banquet and dining facilities that allow us the opportunity to offer custom tournaments, weddings, conferences and tour packages for groups up to 200 guests all year long. For any event you may require, we are always ready to cater to your needs.

Rockway-Vineyards-Winery-Events-Conference-Wedding-Fresh-Flowers-Decor-Travel-Gay-Canada-Heart-of-Wine-Country-2016-2017 Rockway-Vineyards-Winery-Events-Conference-Wedding-Travel-Gay-Canada-Heart-of-Wine-Country-2016-2017 Rockway-Vineyards-Winery-Picture-Perfect-Travel-Gay-Canada-Heart-of-Wine-Country-2016Rockway-Vineyards-Winery-Events-Conference-Table-Setting-Travel-Gay-Canada-Heart-of-Wine-Country-2016-2017 Rockway-Vineyards-Winery-David-Hearn-Wine-Tasting-Travel-Gay-Canada-2016

We have assembled an extraordinary exhibit of the history of wine-making from the ages past. The museum exemplifies the chronological order of the vinification process and how a bottle of wine reaches our grasp. Rockway Vineyards offers a tour which is completely unique from anything else in the region. We have assembled a collection of winemaking artifacts from 19th century France which will guide you through the evolution of the winemaking process. From the vineyard to the bottle, we will explain how the humble grape becomes a complex wine.

Rockway-Vineyards-Winery-Wine-Museum-History-Step-Back-In-Time-Travel-Gay-Canada-2016  Rockway-Vineyards-Winery-Wine-Museum-View-History-Step-Back-In-Time-Wine-Bottle-History-Travel-Gay-Canada-2016-2017 Rockway-Vineyards-Winery-Historic-Wine-Barrels-Wine-The-Old-Way-Wine-Museum-History-Travel-Gay-Canada-2016-2017 Rockway-Vineyards-Winery-Wine-The-Old-Way-Museum-History-Step-Back-In-Time-Travel-Gay-Canada-2016-2017

Our winery was built for the sole purpose of making premium wine. It houses state of the art equipment to ensure a sanitary and controlled environment for our wines. We also house a mixture of French and American oak barrels ranging in age, forests and cooperages.

Rockway-Vineyards-Winery-Retail-Wine-Shop-Red-Wine-Travel-Gay-Canada-Heart-of-Wine-Country-2016-2017 Rockway-Vineyards-Winery-VQA-Wine-Tasting-Travel-Gay-Canada-2016Rockway-Vineyards-Winery-Retail-Wine-on-the-Shelf-VQA-Ontario-Wine-Travel-Gay-Canada-Heart-of-Wine-Country-2016-2017

Most important to mention is that we grow, craft and bottle 99.9% of all the wines we produce.  This allows us to carefully monitor every step from our vines to your glass. We believe in the adage that 'less is more.' With a hands-off approach to winemaking, our goal is to capture the flavours of our vineyard and help guide them into your glass. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!






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Rockway Vineyards

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