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Manitoba is considered the gateway to the west. Nature reigns supreme, as does history. Home to Canada's largest city between Toronto and Calgary, Winnipeg is both the hub of the prairies, and of Manitoba itself.

Quick Facts

Population: over 1.1 million

Capital City: Winnipeg

GLBT Legislation: Discrimination based on sexual orientation is prohibited by the Manitoba Human Rights Code. This includes protection from differential treatment based on a person's actual or presumed sexual orientation or his or her association with a person who is gay, lesbian or bisexual. It extends to employment, housing accommodations, the provision of services, and contracts.

Arts and Parties: Manitoba is known for their numerous festivals, in particular Folklorama and Festival du Voyageur (their winter celebration of Manitoba's French-Canadian history).

Noteworthy: Manitoba is home to over 100,000 lakes, making it a prime Canadian beach destination.


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