Population: 3.6 million

The city of joie de vivre! Renowned for its openness and diversity, it is one of the world's leading destinations for gay and lesbian travelers. There's a ton of great reasons why gay travellers love Montréal: for its cool Euro chic, for its impeccable sense of style, for its gourmet food and five-star restaurants and, of course, for its legendary nightlife. But the reason why the LGBT community really loves this city is for the way it makes everyone feel instantly welcome.

Offering a vibrant cultural scene, along with a nightlife second to none, Montreal, Quebec, remains one of the best places to discover the charm of French Canada and live life to the fullest. With historic Old Montreal, combined with the cosmopolitan feeling of the city, the year-round festivals, fashionable boutiques, and world-class queer events, you'll see why Montreal brings gays and lesbians in from all around world.

In addition to being some of the most passionate and creative people on the planet, Montréalers are refreshingly friendly, open and easygoing. They like to live, laugh, talk, learn, explore and, ultimately, to share. So while Montréal serves up all the excitement of a major cosmopolitan centre, it's the vibe here - created from the constant bumping together of ideas, languages, attitudes, outlooks, tastes and styles - that makes it truly different. And that's what makes this charming island city such an exciting discovery, time and time again.


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