You have to slow down a little to fully appreciate the charm of Northumberland County. If all you know about us is what you see from the 401, then you should take the next exit and follow one of our country roads wherever it leads. Just around the bend, the flatlands give way to wooded hills and vales and beyond are the waters of Rice Lake.

Along the way, you can't help but notice that this is farm country. Indeed, the family farm still reigns here and, some of our residents have been here for five generations. As you drive past their homesteads it's easy to sense that history is all around you. Perhaps what's so surprising is that Northumberland, Ontario is so close at hand, the perfect antidote to city stress.

The largest urban places in Northumberland are Cobourg and Port Hope, both small towns at heart. They have been rivals since they were founded and even today, it's hard to choose between them. For anyone interested in heritage, both rank high because so many of their older buildings have been preserved. Scattered through the rest of the county are smaller villages and towns--Gore's Landing, Brighton and Warkworth--each a reminder of our rural heritage.

You don't have to look far to feel the timeless quality that sets Northumberland apart. It's something not lost on the film industry. You wouldn't believe how many TV shows, movies and ads have been shot here, just because the rural atmosphere is perfect.

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