Nova Scotia


The charm of this province lies off the beaten path, along coastal highways, and down country roads. The small towns and villages offer simple pleasures, warm greetings, and stories of wit and wonder. Admire the pretty fishing village of Lunenburg, home to the sailing ship Bluenose II.


The original Bluenose was an international racing champion and is pictured on the Canadian 10 cent piece. Visit the lighthouse at picturesque Peggy's Cove, the orchards (and dykes!) of the Annapolis Valley area, or drive the scenic Cabot Trail through Cape Breton Island (where in some communities Gaelic is still spoken and sung).


Recorded history goes back four centuries and nowhere can you experience it more than visiting Fortress Louisbourg. This fortress town on the east coast of Cape Breton has been recreated to look as it did in 1744 when France was a major colonial power (the provincial capital of Halifax was started by the English in response to the French presence at Louisbourg). Over 100 costumed animators re-create the lives and activities of the Fortress residents (and yes, cute men in uniform wandering around speaking French, and English if need be).

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Come and let your Kilt Flow Freely

Quick Facts

Population: 913,000

Capital City: Halifax

LGBT Legislation: Nova Scotia's Human Rights Act protects people from discrimination because of their sexual orientation if they are heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

Tidal Bore Experience: The highest tides on Earth occur in the Minas Basin, the eastern extremity of the Bay of Fundy, where the average tide range is 12 metres and can reach 16 metres. When the tide is coming in, tidal bores (which look like a wave travelling against the flow of the river) surge up several rivers which flow into the Minas Basin.


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