Prince Edward County

Welcome home to our unique island community, a place of tranquility, creativity, hospitality and fun.  We are proud of our United Empire Loyalist roots and our distinctive towns and villages.  We share our spectacular natural beauty with over 100,000 visitors each year.  Traditional agriculture is our backbone enhanced by a growing wine industry. A growing and multifaceted arts community contributes to our unique ‘County’ culture. Our entrepreneurial spirit has helped create a thriving and diverse environment for small business.  

We are both simple and sophisticated.  We have something for everyone.

Introduction to Prince Edward County: the natural/cultural mix, linked with pastoral, coastal and rural settlement vistas

Prince Edward County, famous as a part of United Empire Loyalist settlement, is an island community encompassing less than 700 square kilometers, which boasts of over 800 kms of shoreline with varying geological features. The relative isolation of the island has nurtured a special rural culture, with overlays back through time as this culture evolved according to the natural setting and proximity to various markets. Within the County are to be found a remarkable mixture of heritage features (natural, architectural, archeological, historical), each meeting defined criteria for heritage significance.

Yet, to suggest that the County simply holds a collection of heritage assets is to sell it short. What makes the County unique, are the "webs of life" that link these assets to each other through time. These include the pastoral vistas, the historic allure of streetscapes with designated heritage buildings, the quiet harbours nestled into the geological features, and the natural shoreline as seen from the south which is the haven sought by migrating birds every spring. These examples identify only a few of the key links that bring the heritage of the County to life and make it the fascinating landscape that it is, rather than just an outdoor museum containing a variety of different artifacts. It is this combination of special places and events and their interwoven connections with the life of the County that sets Prince Edward apart as a potential National Cultural Landscape.



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