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Saskatchewan, aptly referred to as the Land of the Living Skies, offers the tranquility and beauty that rejuvenates the body, mind and soul. The province provides an array of outdoor activities throughout the vast expanse of natural wonders, from the golden prairies to sand dunes to the 100,000 lakes. Saskatchewan also offers a cultural experience like no other, displayed through unique and spectacular arts, museums, and historical sites.

Quick Facts

Population: 968,000

Capital City: Regina

Largest City: Saskatoon


Time Zone: Observes Central Standard Time year round; they do not use daylight savings time.

GLBT Legislation: Saskatchewan included "sexual orientation" in its human rights legislation as a prohibited ground on discrimination in 1993. On July 6, 2001, omnibus Saskatchewan legislation to extend marital rights and responsibilities to same-sex couples received Royal Assent.

Noteworthy: Regina is home to Canada's only training academy for Royal Canadian Mounted Police recruits, and mounties always get their man!


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