LGBT Legislation: Yukon Gays and Lesbians are protected against discrimination under Yukon Human Rights legislation and in 2004, Yukon became the fourth region in Canada to legalize same-sex marriage!

The Yukon: Canada's True North. With the spirit of the Gold Rush still living on, the Yukon offers experiences for every traveler. For the nature lover, the Yukon is home to exceptional scenery and natural wonders, where you'll find towering mountains, deep boreal forests, sweeping tundra, glaciers, and rugged coastline. For the adventure seeker, some of the most spectacular experiences in the country, including kayaking, climbing, and rafting, can be found here. Rich in culture and history, Yukon has always been, and continues to be, an inviting region for all travelers.

Yukon is the westernmost and smallest of Canada's three federal territories. Whitehorse is the territorial capital and Yukon's only city. The territory was split from the Northwest Territories in 1898 and was named the "Yukon Territory". The federal government's Yukon Act, which received royal assent on March 27, 2002, established "Yukon" as the territory's official name, though "Yukon Territory" is also still popular in usage and Canada Post continues to use the territory's internationally approved postal abbreviation of YT. Though officially bilingual, the Yukon Government also recognizes First Nations languages.

Travel Facts: The Yukon has some of the least expensive hotels in Canada, and Air North -Yukon's Airline has exceptional fares and weekend special promotions.


Quick Facts

Population: 30,000 - but home to over 185,000 Caribou and 50,000 Moose.

Capital City: Whitehorse

Most Colourful City: Dawson City, heart of the Klondike gold rush and home to a Brothel or two.

Does Size Matter? The highest mountain is Mount Logan at 5,959 metres; the largest national park is Kluane National Park at over 22,000 square kilometres.


Noteworthy: June 21 is Summer Solstice, which means the sun never sets in certain parts of the Yukon. Unfortunately, the bars still close.



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